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Sustainable & Ethical Practices

The Gathered Green is founded on sustainable and ethical practices

These practices apply to farming, food distribution, community contribution and waste management. We therefore implement the following:

1. All fruit and vegetable produce sold through The Gathered Green is certified organic or biodynamic according to Australian Standards and Accreditation. The Gathered Green sources produce from our own Certified Organic Market Garden in Crowther, from other Certified Organic local growers or from a Certified Organic Wholesaler. Therefore, food grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), promotes the health of the soil, the produce and the people, for current and future generations.

2. Meat Boxes sold through The Gathered Green are sourced from local, ethical, organic and regenerative farmers who implement holistic land and animal management strategies that support the long term health of the soil, animals, humans and the ecosystem.  Crowther Lane Beef and Lamb is regeneratively and ethically raised on our chemical free pastures on our property at Crowther. Stockinpiggle Pork and Chicken is raised on a regeneratively run/chemical free property at Stockinbingle near Cootamundra. 

3. Eggs sold through The Gathered Green are sourced through local ethical and chemical free egg farmers. The hens are raised using genuine ethical free range methods where pastures have not been treated with any synthetic chemicals

4. The Gathered Green prioritises local produce sourced direct from our own Certified Organic market garden, or other local Certified Organic growers, which supports local farmers and communities. All produce sourced through the Certified Organic Wholesaler is grown and sold in Australia, which supports Australian farmers and the Australian economy, while also ensuring only Australian organic accreditation standards are used.

5. The Gathered Green endeavours to minimise waste and support the local community by donating surplus produce to community food halls and people in need. 

6. The Gathered Green minimises packaging and waste by re-using empty Organic Seasonal Boxes for as long as possible. Plastic crates, wax cardboard and polystyrene boxes used to freight produce, are returned to growers/wholesalers and reused. Any cardboard boxes which cannot be reused are discarded through the appropriate recycling waste management systems. Gel icepacks are also reused for as long as possible to minimise waste and promote sustainability.

7. Any food scraps collected following the packing of Organic Seasonal Boxes is taken back to our Certified Organic Market Garden and recycled as compost to improve soil health.  

7. The Gathered Green only includes whole fruits/vegetables in the boxes to avoid the need to wrap cut produce in plastic wrap.  This not only supports human health by minimising food exposure to plastic, but also supports sustainability by reducing unnecessary plastic use.