Fuel your family

With Fresh, In-season organic food


The Gathered Green offers a seasonal selection of certified organic / bio-dynamic fruit and vegetables from around our region.

Four different Organic Seasonal Boxes are available in different sizes to meet the needs of every household. These boxes are available on weekly or fortnightly (excluding the large box) subscription, and can be home/business delivered within the Young Township or are available for convenient collection at selected locations.

The Gathered Green’s subscriptions are highly flexible – you can suspend, change or cancel at any time. A small notice period of 8 days applies as we purchase our fresh produce to order. Subscriptions can be combined as well, allowing you to (for example) add an Organic Fruit Box to your Organic Seasonal Box.

If you are new to The Gathered Green, you have the option to order a trial box – a great way to try our products and determine the right box(es) for you. 


Your subscription can be cancelled or temporarily suspended up to the Wednesday one week prior to your next scheduled delivery. Please refer to our cancellation policy under our Quality and Delivery page. For our Subscription Organic Seasonal Boxes, payment is processed one week prior to box delivery / pick up.  Therefore, the delivery / pick up day for your first Organic Seasonal Box is outlined in the table below.

Trial Box

We now also offer a Trial Organic Seasonal Box which can only be purchased once per customer. For trial boxes, payment is processed at the time of purchase. However, your trial box will not be available until the Wednesday/Thursday one week after payment is processed.  Please contact The Gathered Green to confirm your trial box delivery/pick up date if this remains unclear.

Subscriptions – Payment & Delivery

Subscription Day First Payment First Delivery
Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu* Thu that week (0-4 days) Wed/Thu the following week (6-10 days)
Fri-Sat-Sun Thu the following week (5-7 days) Wed/Thu the week after that (10-12 days)