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Quality & Delivery

Our Quality Guarantee

One of the main reasons for establishing The Gathered Green is to connect local people with locally grown produce which delivers optimum freshness, quality and flavour. Therefore, we have no hesitation in guaranteeing all produce included in the Organic Seasonal Boxes. Please note that due to the organic nature of our fresh produce, the external appearance of the produce may not be visually “perfect”. However, this should by no means reflect the quality of the actual fruit in terms of freshness or flavour.

Please contact us immediately if one of the following scenario occurs following the purchase of your product:

  • You are not happy with the quality or freshness of your purchase
  • The product received is not the product ordered
  • The product has been damaged in transit

In the event of one of the above scenarios, we will arrange full refund or replacement of the purchased item.

Our Cancellation Policy

Your Organic Seasonal Box subscription can be temporarily suspended or cancelled up to the Wednesday one week prior to your next scheduled box delivery/pick up. Please refer to the FAQ page on our website for instructions on how to suspend, cancel or reactivate your subscription through your account.  Please note that box cancellations, suspensions and re-activations must be processed by the Wednesday one week prior to your next scheduled delivery as this is the day before orders are finalised with the growers and payments are transferred. Therefore, you are unable to make amendments to your subscription after the Wednesday one week prior to your next scheduled delivery.  

If the reason for your cancellation is related to dissatisfaction with the quality of product received (as per criteria listed above), please phone or email us directly to arrange for a full refund of the cost of your last purchased box.  Alternatively if your dissatisfaction is restricted to a specific item within your box, we will replace this item in your next box with the same produce (if available) or other produce to the same value. Please note, The Gathered Green is not responsible for any loss or damage to your product associated with inappropriate delivery instructions which may lead to tampering by pets or exposure to the elements (wind, rain, heat, sun). To minimise the heat impact over the summer months, a gel icepack will be added to both your Organic Seasonal Box. Please refer to the Delivery section in our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Organic Seasonal Box Delivery / Pick Up

Young Township (Delivery)

Boxes are delivered direct to the nominated address stipulated when arranging subscription via our website. This may be either a residential address or business address within the Young Township.

Please note that we do not deliver beyond the Young Township which is defined as all areas within the 50/60km zones of the Young Township. We do not currently ship any Organic Seasonal Box.

When nominating your delivery address, please specify any delivery instructions to ensure your produce is not tampered with by pets (or people), or exposed to direct sunlight, rain or extreme heat. Please note boxes are preferably delivered to the front yard of a nominated house to minimise the need to negotiate gates and or pets.

During the summer months, it is recommended that the produce be delivered to a shaded area, away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat. A gel icepack will be included in the box to maintain a cool temperature; however it is recommended that the box be moved indoors at your earliest possible convenience to ensure optimum freshness.

To minimise environmental impact and to promote sustainability, we ask that you remember to leave your empty Organic Seasonal Box (with lid, ice pack) out for collection just prior to your next delivery.

Regional Pick Up (locations outside of Young) 

For your convenience, Organic Seasonal Boxes will be available for pick up from Grenfell, Forbes, Parkes, Canowindra, Cowra every Wednesday and Wallendbeen, Cootamundra, and Wagga Wagga CBD every Thursday. More information on delivery/pick up locations can be found here.

To minimise environmental impact and to promote sustainability, we ask that you remember to bring your empty Organic Seasonal Box (with lid, ice pack) with you when you collect your next box.