I really enjoyed meeting all the local suppliers and getting the story behind their businesses, which is why I have dedicated a page to each of the suppliers on this website.

Please take time to read their stories and gain an appreciation for the people behind the produce we eat. I think it makes the already delicious food taste even more appetising when you have a story behind it, rather than just plucking items off a supermarket shelf with no further regard.

Please note that although The Gathered Green will always prioritise locally grown certified organic produce, we are also required to source non local produce via a certified organic wholesaler to ensure adequate variety within our Organic Seasonal Boxes. This produce will always remain Australian grown and ‘in season’ to ensure we are supporting Australian farmers and are eating fresh seasonal produce.  For example, over the winter months, the availability of locally grown organic fruit is limited and we are therefore required to source some fruit through an organic wholesaler (eg bananas, mangoes and pineapples).  This allows our customers to continue to enjoy a good variety of produce throughout the year, while minimising the need to resort to conventional produce. The Gathered Green is always transparent in regard to where our certified organic produce is sourced and we communicate this regularly with our customers.

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