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Organic Fruit Box – Trial

Organic Fruit Box – Trial

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A Trial Organic Fruit Box is a small box of 3-4 varieties of seasonal fruit, with an estimated weight between 3 and 4kg. The weight will vary somewhat depending on the varieties of fruit included.

A Trial Organic Fruit Box is a one-off purchase and can be ordered as required.  For regular weekly or fortnightly boxes, please refer to our  flexible subscription options.

Due to the year round availability of organic cavendish bananas and oranges, these will always be included in the Organic Fruit Box. Other included fruit will vary depending on what is in season, and may include organic apples, kiwi fruit, peaches, nectarines or plums.

Generally, trial boxes for all other locations will be available the first Wednesday/Thursday after ordering, providing the order is processed by Saturday evening.  The Gathered Green will contact you to confirm the exact day of delivery/pickup.