Medium Organic Seasonal Box – Fortnightly

$ 48.00 every 2 weeks on Thursday

A seasonal selection of local certified organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables, in a medium sized box which is delivered on a fortnightly basis. This fortnightly subscription is ideal for individuals or smaller families who consume a modest amount of fresh produce each week. If stored appropriately, produce should remain fresh and flavoursome between fortnightly deliveries.

Payments will processed on Thursday, ahead of delivery or pickup the following Wednesday or Thursday.

Please note: this box is not available for Gundagai pick-up. A Fortnightly Medium Organic Seasonal Box for Gundagai pickup can be ordered here.

First payment: November 30, 2017


The Gathered Green endeavours to provide you the freshest, tastiest and most locally grown produce available. Therefore the content of each box will vary.

For a general guide of what can be expected over the two major seasons of the year, click here. We will notify customers as to the exact box contents so that you are able to plan accordingly.

When subscribing, your payment will be processed fortnightly. Please refer to our Quality & Delivery or Terms & Conditions pages for more information. For new subscriptions, your first delivery / pick up date depends on when you subscribe. Please refer to the table below.

Subscription Day First Payment First Delivery
Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu* Thu that week (0-4 days) Wed/Thu the following week (6-10 days)
Fri-Sat-Sun Thu the following week (5-7 days) Wed/Thu the week after that (10-13 days)

* For Thursday subscriptions, it depends on the time of day whether your first payment is processed that same day. 


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