O’Donnell’s Organics

After purchasing their citrus farm in Willbriggie (South of Griffith, NSW) in 1999, Martin and Suzy O’Donnell converted to organic certification in 2001. Organic Citrus farms are few and far between and O’Donnell’s Organics are The Gathered Green’s most local supplier of organic citrus. Martin and Suzy grow organic Valencia oranges which are available from October through to May, while the Naval varieties are available from June to the end of August. This means that the Organic Seasonal Boxes will include organic oranges across all seasons of the year!

In addition to their citrus farm, the O’Donnell’s also grow a variety of organic fruit and vegetables including lettuce, roquette, parsley, garlic, lemongrass, strawberries, spinach, pumpkins, melons, zucchinis and tomatoes. This beautiful produce is used to supply their organic café in Griffith (O’Donnell’s Café) which is operated by Suzy. In recent years, the range of organically grown fruit and vegetables has expanded and the O’Donnell’s are now also supplying to wholesale markets in the capital cities in addition to their local customers.

Martin explains that being a certified organic citrus farmer means that they do not use any synthetic or artificial insecticides or pesticides. His underlying ethos for organic farming is to optimise soil health. This results in the generation of stronger and healthier plants which are naturally capable of fighting off bugs and insects without the need for such chemicals. Martin achieves better soil health through a variety of techniques including the planting of green strips of vetch and oats between the rows of citrus. This crop is grown in the winter months and slashed in spring to create a natural compost to improve soil nutrients and health.

We look forward to enjoying beautiful organic citrus from O’Donnell’s Organics, as well as other organic fruits and vegetables according to seasonal requirements.

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