Greg Kocanda

Greg Kocanda is a certified organic vegetable farmer who has achieved geographic diversity by growing his vegetables over two areas within NSW, namely Nashdale and Richmond (Western Sydney). Together with his wife Katie and their four children, Greg lives at Nashdale (5 kilometres southwest of Orange) which is also where he leases land to grow organic produce.

The Richmond block was initially purchased by Greg’s grandfather after emigrating from Croatia in 1939. Greg’s grandfather commenced the family passion for growing vegetables and Greg and his siblings remain heavily involved in the vegetable industry.

Between the two blocks, Greg is able to grow a great variety of organic vegetables, a selection of organic fruits and plenty of organic herbs. Although availability of produce varies from year to year and according to the seasons, Greg was able to provide a quick list of some of the fruit and vegetables we may expect to see in the Organic Seasonal Boxes. During the winter seasons, he grows lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, kale, celery, cabbage, silverbeet, leeks and carrots. During the summer months, we can expect to enjoy watermelons, rockmelons, eggplant, capsicum, corn, chilli, beetroot, fennel, more carrots, broccoli, onions and lettuces.

The Gathered Green orders all produce direct from Greg on a weekly basis  based on what is in season and available.  The produce is then freighted from Sydney or Orange direct to Young within days of picking to ensure you are receiving the freshest and tastiest produce possible.

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