David and Gwen Fairy own “Green Gables”, where they operate a biodynamic fruit orchard and farm organic beef and lamb. “Green Gables” is located at picturesque Kingsvale which is approximately 20 kilometres south of Young. It was originally part of a 1st World War soldier settlement allotment and was purchased by the Fairy family in 1984. In 1990, their farm became certified organic through NASAA, however in recent years they have been certified Bio-Dynamic through the Biodynamic Research Institute.

“Green Gables” has expanded operation over the years and now stands as a 200 acre property which includes 35 acres of fruit orchards. The orchards consist of approximately 5500 trees which include 12 varieties of plums, 7 varieties of peaches, 1 variety of nectarine and 4 varieties of cherries, apricots, persimmons and apples. Their delicious cherries are available from November, peaches and plums from late December, nectarines from January, sugar plums from February and apples from May.

David and Gwen’s four adult children, Nathan, William, Julie-Ann and Matthew have all been involved in the farm over the years. During the busy harvest season, they are occasionally required to hire casual fruit pickers to assist with the workload.

To compliment their beautiful stonefruit and apples, David, Gwen and their eldest son Nathan also grow zucchinis (available January-March) and squash (available April-May). All produce will be included in the Organic Seasonal Boxes according to seasonal availability.

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